Thursday, 23 June 2011

Sunny for my sunnies?!

Sunglasses are a huge favourite of mine, and although I love the current collection that lives in my handbag (I never know what pair to bring out with me!) there is most definitely room for more. Designer sunglasses are a big splurge for me but one which I believe is completely worthwhile, so within reason I don't mind spending money on them.  Having said that I'm very fond of Jeepers Peepers, fabulous styles and more than affordable.  I don't have one preferred style, instead I like to go with as many different ones as I can get away with!

These are few of my favourites from my collection...

1.  D&G  2. Tommy Hilfiger  3.  Jeepers Peepers  4.  Ray Ban  5.  Jeepers Peepers

The D&G pair are my newest pair and were purchased on a trip to Bicester Village, the frame is the most fantastic shape and gives a great sixties feeling to them, I also love the tortoise shell with a hint of pink they really add to the fun feel of the glasses.

B x


  1. I like the ray bans, they look so fun! :)

  2. for some reason i never seem to buy expensive sunglasses... i adore your d&g pair though!