Monday, 26 March 2012

Gym time

I've loved these little gym shorts for a while now but I haven't purchased them because I couldn't decide what I'd wear with them (plus I live in Scotland).  But now I have the answer (and also the weather...kind of...well this outfit will keep!).  Luckily for me the answer involves the much lusted after Ash high tops I need love.  High tops are big this season and everyone is doing them from Topshop to Lanvin.  Whether they are flat or have a concealed wedge they are hot and a season must-have. To complete the look I'm going to add this amazing slouchy metallic/neon knit from Topshop and incredible accessories.

1.  Ash  2.  ASOS  3.  River Island  4.  Cheap Monday  5.  Topshop  6.  Topshop

B x


  1. The river island heart rings are gorgeous, I can't believe they are only £3!

  2. nice outfit you put together

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  3. im dying to buy a pair of shoes like that!xx
    im following!

  4. I love the ASH shoes!xx